Friday, April 22, 2005

Microsoft did not support gay-rights bill

I am a great fan of Microsoft (MS) products, and those who always have a million and one bad things to say about those products probably know nothing about them, but have fallen into the international Microsoft bashing parade. However, this is not what I want to bring to your attention today.
The New York Times of April 21, 2005 reported that MS withdrew its support for a Washington state bill that would have barred discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Even though I do not support many of MS's policies such as supporting organisations that perform abortions on demand, I think that we need to take our hats off to MS and give them the proverbial pat on the back for standing up under severe pressure from the 2-4% homosexuals in the US. Whatever their real reasons are, they did the right thing!
Gays have now tried for a really long time to change US laws to benefit themselves and put everybody else on the back seat. Laws like these will lead to laws even worse. It will not stop at trying to prevent discrimination against sexual orientation, but it will start claiming that anyone speaking against that abhorrent lifestyle should be jailed for "hate speech!" This effectively will put a stop to free speech in the US.
What are gays thinking, wanting to bring in preferential laws like this for themselves? Are they any more special than prostitutes, men who have sex with prostitutes, adulterers or even those involved in bestiality? You see, when the gays get their law instituted, the rest of these will just follow. The next thing to become normative would be people having sex with animals (bestiality), pedophilia, prostitution and much more! It will indeed be a dark day for the US when this happens.
What is this sexual orientation anyhow? Have you ever heard of a fish being anything else but a fish? Maybe a fish that is more oriented to being a human! I am a man. My God-given orientation is to be a man. However, Satan has its own version of things that are really perversions. Homosexuality and lesbianism are just some of it. Adultery, transvestitism, transsexualism, bisexuality and bestiality are more perversions brought into modern society by the devil and his free-thinking cronies!
Just thinking...

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