Friday, May 05, 2006


Well, this week I am sitting in Copenhagen, Denmark.
It is an amazing country and the city is beautiful! After being in Guinea two weeks ago, Copenhagen with all its historic buildings and beautiful architecture is quite a different experience. As with Guinea, this is also a business trip. Actually, I am in Copenhagen for training. This is my third trip to this beautiful city.
There is a lot to see here; however, there is not much time to do so since we stay in the office later than on usual training courses, because we are bothered with work from back home all the time. It is a 5 day course finishing today; however, 3 of the days I was busy doing very urgent work in the class for the ofice back home.
Copenhagen, as I already said, is a beautiful city. Yet, it is a culture almost completely void of godliness. Pornography is common, with advertising for sex very common. Sex shops can be found in many places with totally nude pictures of women in the shop windows.
The quality of restaurants here are also not nearly as good as that in South Africa. Service is terminally slow and it is very difficult to find a restaurant with food to our quality. After 3 visits to Copenhagen, I still haven't found a pizza place to my liking. Then of course, the food is extremely expensive.
We will be boarding our plane from Copenhagen to Zurich tomorrow night at around 7pm. We were to go through transit on Saturday night and get the plane from Zurich to South Africa then too. However, our plane from Zurich to South Africa has been delayed from Saturday night to Sunday morning at 7am. That means we will arrive back home half a day late. That is life I suppose!
Anyway, I am looking forward to getting home and seeing my wife and children. I miss them terribly!
So, have a good weekend to you all and God bless!
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