Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A bit of inactivity

I have been very inactive here at Just thinking... in the last couple of weeks. Of course there are reasons for everything and I would like to explain.

Due to work commitments I have had to be out of the country often in the last 7 weeks. In these 7 weeks I have been to 5 different countries (Senegal, Guinea, Denmark, Botswana, Tanzania) and today I am leaving for one of them (Tanzania) for the second time in that period. It really keeps me busy and unfortunately I use a lot of spare time to prepare for these trips. I was in Tanzania last week for three days (Wednesday-Friday) and now I am leaving today (Tuesday) again for Tanzania and will only return on Friday. So, whenever I am home I tend to spend all my time with my wife and children. On top of all this I will be going to Malawi next week Wednesday-Friday. I am hoping that this travelling spurt will come to an end for some time after the Malawi trip.

Anyhow, so if it seems like nothing is happening this side, you are close to the truth. I am hoping that my evenings will be a bit more free than usual this trip so that I could perhaps write some more for my blog( s).

So, while I am not very active on my blog, I would like to recommend some other blogs for you to visit:
Al Mohler
Tim Challies
Solo Femininity
Between Two Worlds

Just thinking...

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centuri0n said...

William --

Where is South Africa are you? How close to Pretoria?

I I was wondering if you could get to the Library on the campus of the University of Pretoria without much trouble ...

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