Thursday, July 06, 2006

Many aspects of religion is IMMORAL

Here is someone with a chip on his shoulder about religion, especially Christianity. His latest diatribe is called Christian Love - Pretentious, Hypocritical and Condescending or TRUE. This is how he feels about Christian love:

"In many of my writings I have made it known that I do not need the sanctimonious, condescending love of Christians nor of Jesus in order for me to be happy and live a fulfilled life. I often felt offended when Christians disregarded what I have written to state in their comments Jesus Loves or we will "pray for you". Surely there is a level of simple manners that we can all agree to (even Christians). "

It seems to me that he judges love by the worldly concept of love: fuzzy feelings and lust.

Just thinking ...

1 comment:

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Sounds like a genuine complaint that I think Christians themselves can identify with.

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