Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Are you serious?

Christians everywhere claim to be Biblical Christians. The question is, how many are really Biblical?

What does it mean to be a Biblical Christian? Does it mean to believe the right doctrines? Others believe it is to do the right things. Well, I believe that it would be both.

It would amount to nothing if we believe the right doctrines but live like the devil. On the other hand, it would amount to just as much if we live like angels, yet do not believe the very doctrines that the One and Only God set forth in His revealed will, the Scriptures!

The Bible is very clear on both issues, that a person must hold to both in order to be called a Christian. Someone who does not believe in the Biblical doctrines of the Bible cannot be called a Christian. Yet, even if someone believes all the orthodox, Biblical doctrines with the greatest of clarity and understanding, but lives a life of habitual sin, then the Bible is equally clear... that person is not a Christian!

Now, what about those that have it right both ways? Well, if they truly believe with the heart and live their lives in such a way that they are continually undergoing sanctification in a life of holiness, then we have to conclude that they are indeed Christians.

However, what bothers me, is the fact that there are many Christians out there that have it right on both accounts, yet they are "couch Christians".

"Couch Christians" will complain about things happening in society or in the world, yet will not lift a finger to be part of God's answer to a world rapidly sliding through the doors of hell. These "couch Christians" would rather be comfortable and would rather want to be able to carry on their lives without others interfering in their lives and without them having to interfere in somebody else's life.

These people will give up the call of God in order to be left alone. Instead of laying their lives down for God and in defense of their families, they find it more "comfortable" to make more money or to go to the latest sporting event, or to take part in the latest sporting event!

While society is being ripped apart by abominations such as homosexuals fighting for imaginary "rights," abortion, pornography, exceptionally high levels of other crimes and more, these "couch Christians" (CCs) are content at riding their bikes, or watching the next movie or TV show, or wondering how they can make more money.

It is unfatomable how Christians cannot see that we are in the midst of huge culture wars. What do we have to do to get these people to wake up? Burn their "couches?"

Before long, when everything these CCs enjoy has been lost, what will they do? Start complaining once again about things, not realising that the cultural battle had been lost?

I sometimes wonder of CCs really love God or their neighbour. How can it be when they do not obey God's commands to take His gospel to the lost and to get involved in the fight for justice? Our love for God is displayed by our obedience to Him, and our love for our neighbour is shown by the fact that we care enough to bring him the gospel or to fight injustice on his behalf.

These CCs find it good enough to walk out of church on Sundays feeling good about themselves, since the preacher just preached a very "feel good" sermon in which he "encouraged" his people (read brats).

However, Monday Mr. CC will once again complain about the state of the nation. Of course, once again he will not get involved and will rather allow the kingdom of darkness to flood the nation while he hides the kingdom of light under the bushel of his "couch!"

It is time Christians get off their "couches" in order to get involved in the battle of the ages for the souls of men and for justice to be won in the Name of Christ!

Do you still breathe? Then get off the "couch" and stand for Christ in the midst of darkness. A darkness that can be dispelled through the preaching fo the cross!

Just thinking...

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