Friday, October 06, 2006

Liberal Christianity nailed!

Doug TenNapel of CatScratch rained on Tony Campolo's parade with very thought-provoking straight talk!

In his post, TenNapel draws a line in the sand and calls what he sees Liberal Christianity.



Mac said...

TenNapel does not nail anything but hyperbole and ad hominen attacks. He essentially a coward who cannot make a rational argument so he bans those who argue reasonably with him.

Campolo would make an appetizer out of him because he actually takes the Bible seriously.

John said...

It's interesting that the very thing attacked here is put forward as some sort of rebuttal. The very comment itself is ad hominem and doesn't address anything TenNapel said. You're funny.

William said...

I agree John. ALthough Mac attacks what TenNapel said, he does not interact with TenNapel at all and does exactly what he blames TenNapel for!

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