Monday, December 11, 2006

An Interview with Dr. Wayne Grudem

I have long been an admirer of Dr. Wayne Grudem, well known for his Systematic Theology. It is one of the best written systematic theology textbooks I know of. To purchase this volume in South Africa, visit, and to purchase it in the USA, visit

Anyhow, Adrian Warnock has done an interview with Dr. Grudem, and so far has posted four parts of the interview.

Visit the links below for the four parts of the interview:
INTERVIEW - Wayne Grudem, Part One
INTERVIEW - Wayne Grudem, Part Two - Systematic Theology and Controversy
INTERVIEW - Wayne Grudem, Part Three - Evangelical Feminism: A New Path to Liberalism
INTERVIEW - Wayne Grudem, Part Four - Ethical Trajectories, Feminism, and Homosexuality

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