Monday, November 05, 2007

Charismatic nuttiness

Phil Johnson, one of the PYROMANIACS, has written a two-part blog post on the nuttiness of the charismatic movement.

Even though I will be seen as a charismatic, (yeah, I do believe that the gifts continue today), I do think that Phil's assessment has great value. It is for this very reason I do NOT like to be labelled a Reformed Charismatic, since the term "charismatic" has the meaning "charismaniac" in my mind. Simply think of all the heretics that are very acceptable within the charismaniac movement, and you immediately know why I would rather see myself as a continuationist and NOT a charismatic.

Anyhow, Phil's two posts are as follows:
If You Can't Say Something Nice...
Something "Nice"?

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