Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is MY belief!

This week's commentary at the White Horse Inn is so true of today's spirituality in the world, and I dare say even in the church.

Here is a short paragraph from it:
"Seekers of the day are apt to peel away the tough theological stuff and pluck out the most dulcet elements of faith, coming up with a soothing sampler of Judeo-Christian imagery, Eastern mediation, self-help lingo, a vaguely conservative craving for virtue, and a loopy new-age pursuit of peace. This happy free-for-all appealing to Baptists and star-gazers alike comes off more like Forrest Gump's ubiquitous box of chocolates than like any real system of belief, 'You never know what you're gonna get.'"
Finish reading here.

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