Monday, March 17, 2008

Which day the Sabbath?

According to Joe Kovacs at WorldNetDaily, Christians are still at war over when the Sabbath should be commemorated. Here are a couple of paragraphs from his article:
"Two thousand years after Jesus walked the Earth, Christians are at war with each other concerning – as strange as it may sound – a day of the week mentioned in the Ten Commandments.

"The issue boils down to: 'When is God's Sabbath?' In other words, what is His holy day of rest?

"Most Christians today think it's Sunday, when the majority of churches hold services.

But others confidently say it's Saturday, calling Sunday worship 'the most flagrant error of mainstream Christianity,' believing Sunday-keepers are victims of clever deception."

In September of 2006 I wrote a post on the issue myself. You can read it here.

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