Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Professor says Christians are religiously insane

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Dr. Lee Carter, an atheistic, soup-to-humans believing professor, said that Christians are religiously insane, that Christian students' parents lied to them and that Christians would nail Jesus to the cross if He ever came back. In fact, he is such an insulting man that he actually said that Christians "would be the ones who would be nailing that son of a bitch back to the cross."

Finish reading the press release here.


Anonymous said...

Oh haha the Christians want to start saying people who are protected under the first amendment are guily of blasphemy? Get real, I wont even get into the fact that religious people truly ARE insane by any definition of the word, but Christians are the biggest persecuting force in the world along side Islam, they have NO right to claim they are being when I just got off a site called "christocentro" that has entire pages declaring how each and every christian needs to intervene in gay peoples lives and pretend they are morally superior to everyone else, when in fact, THEY have started almost every conflict, war, slavery, persecution..etc. To each christian reading this, you are hypocritical evil people who probably WOULD nail Jesus Christ back to the cross, becuase Christians take every word in that book as literal EXCEPT the word LOVE---Peace

William Dicks said...

Amendments to any constitution cannot protect people from blasphemy, as the constitution does not speak to the issue of blasphemy. While the constitution says that people can say what they want, the framers of the constitution would have thought that people would have the maturity and responsibility to speak in civil terms.

Christians "started almost every conflict," etc? That is of course if you listen to the PC version of history.

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