Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ever thought of the nature of God?

I have recently overhauled my website, Sovereign Truth. As time permits I am adding new articles there. The latest article is called Theology Proper. It is published under the category of Theology/Systematic Theology. I have also published some articles under the category of Theology/Against Heresies. Further, I also published articles under the general category of Studies, which itself also has several other sub-categories.

Anyway, here is a blurp on the article, Theology Proper:
"The great presupposition of theology is the existence of God. Why bother with theology unless we assume that God exists. Even though the existence of God is accepted by faith, faith is based on reliable information. The faith that we have of the existence of God is not a blind faith, but a faith that is based on evidence that stands upon Scripture. Is the Bible reliable as evidence? That can only be answered as one studies the subject of Bibliology. The Bible does not start out with the purpose of proving the existence of God. Rather, it assumes the existence, and gives us His-Story (history) concerning His dealings with man, in effect salvation history."
Come visit Sovereign Truth. I am sure there is something that you might enjoy! I also have a poll that you can answer. The current poll wants to know: How important is theology to you?

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