Thursday, December 10, 2009

Has Facebook lost meaning? Carl Trueman abusive?

It seems that has been flagged as abusive. I tried to submit another link that I made using, and got the same message. I have been using for some time now and never had problems with it!

I wanted to update my Facebook status this morning, and this is what Facebook told me:


As you can see, all the status is saying is: "Carl Trueman: Celebrating the Death of Meaning - - Very thought provoking!" Now follow the link in my proposed update and tell me if there is anything abusive in the article. Perhaps diehard fans of the paedophile Michael Jackson could find it abusive, which would really stretch the meaning of "abusive."

It seems to me that Facebook is losing its own sense of meaning too! An article like Carl Trueman's gets flagged as abusive, but Facebook groups such as "F*** Jesus Christ" gets to exist without even a slap on the wrist! I searched for the phrase "F*** Jesus Christ" on Facebook, and got 496 hits. There have been many requests to Facebook to close down these outright abusive Facebook groups, but all Facebook can say is that they have a right to their opinion. Don't tell me that groups with such names are only voicing their opinions, because if I say that to someone "F*** you!, it is not just an opinion, it is outright ABUSIVE! There is even a Facebook group with over 243,000 members which is called "DELETE THE GROUP ''F*** Jesus Christ'' IMMEDIATELY!!!!!"

Yet, Carl Trueman's article is abusive to NO ONE, and is flagged as abusive. My question is this: Is there anyone remotely qualified at Facebook to even quantify abusive usage on Facebook? Apparently not!

Of course, Facebook's message does not give me an opportunity to directly request a lift on the ban of this status update. All you see is a hopeless "OK!"

Maybe it is not Carl Trueman's article that is the problem, but the wording of my status update. Ha! Don't be fooled! I decided to remove the link in my status update and I submitted "Carl Trueman: Celebrating the Death of Meaning – test - Very thought provoking!" This time it was accepted, proving that the problem is Carl's article.

So, read Carl's article and tell me if it is abusive. If you do, you are probably a baby like the Facebook users that flagged the article as abusive!

Sorry for that, but flagging Carl Trueman's as abusive is like saying Barack Obama deserved his Nobel Peace Prize! Absolutely ridiculous!

It seems to me like Facebook is truly against free speech, especially from Christians! Isn't it amazing that an entity such as Facebook can infringe on one person's free speech rights while claiming free speech rights?

Does this scenario at Facebook prove its clear bias? You be the judge!


Sam and Shelley said...

I had an issue with Google very similar to this. The Focus on the Family website came up in a search I had done and Google flagged it as a "dangerous" site. Emailed FoF, the Drudge Report and Google. I believe it's now been remedied; but one has to wonder about who at Google flagged the site that way.


BLuttman said...

Have you tried posting it with the actual web link and not the link?

Sounds to me like they might not like links from anymore.

RDA said...

Hey William I need your mailing address for the book you won on my blog:

Rick Apperson
Just A Thought

William Dicks said...

Hi Bluttman,

As I have said in the update at the top of the post, it seems like it has to do with

I tried updating my status with a few different shortened URLs and it didn't work with any of them. I could not even use a URL in a comment to someone else's message.

I then actually used the URL to this blog post and then it worked.

I have used URLs for some time now and I have not seen anything weird with it.

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