Friday, April 09, 2010

Wazzat! - 2010-04-09

This week's Wazzat will not have stuff of the whole week since I will be on leave this whole week and I have no guarantee that I will ever have internet connection to keep this updated. So, you will only see some assortment of links and goodies.

The Pyromaniacs?
Jack, the urologist, shows his displeasure with nOCare!

  • The Democrats, sworn to uphold the Constitution, don't care about the Constitution!
  • Key to unlocking virus infections discovered bu U.S. scientists
  • Obama a law professor? Ha-Ha!
  • Global warming: Arctic ice back to normal

I am allowed to dream, am I not?

Maybe if I hyper-ventilate into this straw!

Cat in a tin cup?

Cloning bread?

Just to get the aim right

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