Thursday, May 19, 2005


We know there is something wrong in this world when students at university level do something so heinous that it takes extreme effort not to cry out in rage against their evil actions.

It has been reported on a local South African online news service that a bunch of students at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN) literally cooked a cat alive in a microwave oven. If you do not believe me, you can check out the news article at NEWS24 called Students microwave family cat. The amazing thing is that these students are studying to become this nations teachers! What kind of teachers are we creating to teach our children in this country? Education is already in a shambles in South Africa, and that is without injecting the education system with outright morally deficient evil teachers. At a subsequent meeting with students from the university to find out who committed this dastardly evil crime, some students even laughed!

What goes on in the mind of someone who is being educated at university level to commit such an act is hard to say? If this was supposed to be a prank--as some have suggested--then the prank was committed by a blubbering idiot and should not be allowed in university never mind being sponsored by the state to become a teacher and eventually coming into contact with our children! This person must be removed from society, because he is so stupid, who knows what idiotic prank he will try next! (Please note, I am using "he" as a collective to denote either a single person or multiple persons of either sex.) He needs to be kept out of society until he has been educated properly from a lasting moral base before being unleashed on humanity! On the other hand, if he did not simply play a prank--as the suggestion goes--then he should be locked up for psychiatric observation. We definitely do not want this person near our children!

Unfortunately, we should not be surprised at such behaviour. The days of thinking that humans are basically good are long gone, and I do believe that most of us know the truth about man's condition. For too long the base of man's moral existence has been gnawed at by materialistic scientists and post-modern pluralism. How can we expect people to act morally when we do not provide them with a proper objective moral base to move from? To claim that such a base exists and to further claim that this base does not need to be religious is to install a base on quicksand. It is only possible to go down, since the base is not built on solid ground. If the base was built by man and his clever ideas, who is to say that the base will still exist tomorrow? We all know how man is capable of moving along with the shifting sands of time! If man creates a base today (or a law for that matter), he is capable enough of moving to another base tomorrow.

These students obviously have no base to refer their actions to. If we are all just animals (as Darwinism supposes), and animals eat one another live, why not let the stronger animal microwave another animal alive? Where is the base? There is NONE!!!

What is your moral base built on?

Just thinking...

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