Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is Tiger Woods your hero?

At the recently played PGA Championship in Akron, Ohio, Tiger Woods left for his home in Florida with four (4) holes still left of the course for him to play. There was an outside chance if he did well and the front runners did not do well that he could have forced a playoff. However, he decided not to hang around!

Doesn't it seem strange these days that so many sports icons would simply not complete what they are doing since they have no real chance of winning the event. To me this shows lack of character. Simply because we can't win something does not mean we should not complete it or sometimes not compete at all. That would leave most sporting events with a handful of people.

For Woods to simply skip out on the last four holes is not a good message to those who idolize him. "Hey kids, if you can't win, don't bother!" These days character building is not important anymore. Winning has become the all important factor. Like someone once said: "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing!"

Is this what we want our children to learn, or is there some small space left to teach character, even in sport?

Just thinking...

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ross71 said...

Just for the record. Woods did complete his round. He was done with his round on Sunday. The rain delay did not effect Tiger. He did stick around. He was 2 under par. Phil Mickelson was 4 under par going into the day. Truth be told all of the other golfers that had finished were gone by this time. Tiger was "on hold" until it appeared that one of the leaders would not give up his lead. That is all.

While I understand the point you are trying to make... this is not the illustration to make it. Of all the characteristics to pick on about Tiger Woods, "not finishing what you started" is not one of them. Neither do I think is, "winning isn't everything, its the only thing." Tiger has always finished his tournaments amid countless scrunity from the press, players and bloggers! He has endured critism about his struggles on the course for the last two years. But, he has been visible and has played, even when he hasn't played well. The greater lesson is peseverence... something the church desperately needs!

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