Monday, January 23, 2006

Political campaigning has started!

The reason for my absence on my blog is due to several things, but mainly since my political campaigning for our local municipal elections has started. Up until this past weekend it was not in full swing yet. However, this is where my thoughts have been almost permanently!

Today, however, is the day when things will start getting rough. I feel sorry for my family, though. From today until 1 March (election day), my family will hardly ever see me. I will be out every night from Monday to Friday. Ever Monday and Tuesday night I will be in meetings and every Wednesday to Friday night I will be out campaigning. I believe it will be a time of great stress, and as a result I covet your prayers for this time. Saturdays will also be used for campaigning. Sundays will belong to my family.

You are probably thinking, "What are you talking about?" I wrote about my decision to go into politics in a blog post called A small start in politics back on December 12, 2005. You can read all about it there.

Because my evenings will no longer be open, I will have to go to gym in the mornings. I used to do 2 spinning classes a week at night after work to supplement my cycling which is done over weekends. With the election drive in full swing now, I have to attend morning classes. It was my first one this morning.

Obviously, another thing that will be impacted is this blog. I will for a while not be able to deliver on some of the studies that I would like to do. My posts will most likely be short just to keep you up to date.

I will be standing for the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) and you can read their manifesto for these local municipal elections here. It is a PDF document. You need to use the free Adobe Reader to read this file. If you do not have this reader, you can download it from Adobe's website for free.

I will probably blog mostly on issues that I see in these elections and how they may affect the people of the ward I am standing in. I will attempt to highlight these issues and address them from a Christian point of view.

Just thinking...

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