Monday, April 03, 2006

Sex and your young daughter... of 12

Just when you think the world has gone as low as it possibly could, it defies all the odds and sinks even lower into that sex-filled, drug-popping, food-binging, food-hurling, materialistic, amoral mire of depravity!
Next time you take your daughter of 11 or 12 to the bookstore, make sure that you know what she just picked up to browse through. She could be stepping right into a trap set by perverted adults who have no qualms in getting your preteen hooked on a lifestyle bent on selfish, self-titillating perversion!
I am writing here about the Gossip Girl book series. Teen People magazine described it as "Sex and the City" for the younger generation.
Read Charles Colson's commentary called Sex and the Single (Preteen) Girl in which he discusses this series.
Just thinking...

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