Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Does Genetic Engineering Have God's Endorsement?

Greg Ciola of NewsWithViews wrote an article called, "DOES GENETIC ENGINEERING HAVE GOD'S ENDORSEMENT?"

He starts his article with these two paragraphs:
"Stories about genetic engineering have been making headline news recently. For instance, rice grown with human genes has been given the green light for commercial production by the USDA. Meat from cloned animals is now okay for human consumption thanks to the FDA. The University of Nevada-Reno has created sheep that are 15 percent human at the cellular level in hopes of using these animals as human organ producing factories in the future. In scientific terms it’s referred to as xenotransplantation. On farms across North America farmers intend to plant record acreage of GM crops in 2007.

"Since genetic engineering and biotechnology are now impacting our lives in so many ways, isn’t it time that it were examined from a biblical perspective? There is ample evidence from both the Bible and extra-biblical books that shows strong disapproval of genetic engineering."
What do you think about whether God endorses genetic engineering or not?

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