Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Toilet 'god'

Ever heard of the Toilet 'god?' Well, it recently surfaced in Minnesota as a race car at the Christ's Family Church of Hastings, Minnesota.

Todd Friel, of the Christian Worldview Network sums it up very nicely in his article called The Potty Driven Life.

I have always said that what we attract people with, will be the very thing people are saved to! In this case, it seems to me that people are saved to the Toilet 'god!' Many people "lose" their way because what attracted them to the church either no longer has any sparkle or it is no longer available!

Why are your friends your friends? Are they your friends because of who you are? Or, are they your friends because you are rich? The fact is, take away whatever attracted your friends the first time, and you will soon find out who your real friends are! It works the same in the church. Attract them with the Toilet 'god' and then get rid of the Toilet 'god' and you will soon find out who joined your church for the real reasons and who not! I have written about this type of scenario before in my posts, The Gospel: Diluted and non-Saving and Reformation Needed Today.

Antics, like those of the
Christ's Family Church of Hastings, Minnesota, simply prove that they have no concept of the sovereignty of God, neither do they have any faith in the Word of God. Further, they do not believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ can save. For them it is the gospel+ (gospel-plus)! Since they do not believe that the gospel can save (that the death of Christ could actually save someone), they have to add to the gospel. Yet, is this not what Paul condemned when he wrote to the Galatians in Gal 1:8-9? At best churches like this preach and live a faulty gospel and at worst it is an addition to the gospel which makes it heresy!

The gospel does not need our help. It is our duty to preach the gospel in its complete clarity, yet with no additions in word or action. It is after all the gospel that saves and not our antics!

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