Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Apologetics Study Bible

I was looking for an introductory book on Christian philosophy. Greg Koukl from Stand to Reason, in his Feb 11, 2007 podcast suggested Greg Ganssle's book, "Thinking about God," as an excellent book. I checked it out and then thought of J.P. Moreland. This is where I discovered that Moreland was working on this project.

The Apologetics Study Bible is a product of Broadman & Holman Publishing Group and will use the full text of the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation. Now, I do not know much about this translation, however, I did read somewhere that it is pretty good.

This study bible includes profiles on such notable apologists as Justin Martyr and C.S. Lewis, and contributions were made by people such as Charles Colson, J.P. Moreland, Josh McDowell and Norm Geisler.

If you want one of these Bibles, you will have to wait until Oct 1, 2007 when it is released, and if you are in South Africa, you will have to wait until Nov 2007.

It really seems that there are many good study Bibles appearing, and my hope is that Christians will buy these Bibles, not simply to own a "good" study Bible, but to actually learn and grow in the Lord and to move closer to the truth of the gospel.

Other study Bibles that I posted about are:
Archaeological Study Bible
The Literary Study Bible


TOWK775 said...

The HCSB Apologetics Study Bible has already been released (a publisher actually released a product early!!). They are available at LifeWay Christian Stores for $29.99. For a limited time they are available at LifeWay Campus Stores (such as the one at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) for $19.99.

o1mnikent said...

Have you seen the digital version of this? Logos is developing one as part of a collection of Bible reference works from Broadman & Holman.

The Apologetics Study Bible

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