Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Letters to a Young Evangelical

After reading what some have to say about Tony Campolo's book, "Letters to a Young Evangelical," I have to come to the conclusion that Campolo is an evangelical in garb only. In fact, it seems like he is a raging liberal trying to get Christians to follow his wayward ideas!

Reviewer Douglas LeBlanc writes, "Campolo writes that evangelical has taken on too much baggage and ought to be replaced with red-letter Christian, especially for believers who call themselves progressives but reject the label of Religious Left. Have fun with that semantic game, brother, but don't expect the evangelicals you caricature to play it with you." [italics provided by LeBlanc]

Jordan Hayden from First Things wrote A Letter to Tony Campolo in which he writes, "You start off by accusing conservative Christians of uncritically baptizing the Republican agenda, and you claim to offer a biblical outlook that "transcends party politics." But then you turn around and support nearly every plank in the Democratic party’s platform. I tried to keep track: You make an argument (liberally peppered with Bible verses) for the Democratic position on abortion, gay marriage, tax cuts, trade policy, Iraq, nuclear disarmament, school vouchers, racial profiling, the closing of Guantanamo Bay, capital punishment, and global warming.

"I have no problem with politically liberal Christians, but why do you claim to be beyond party politics when you so clearly aren’t? Do you really expect us to believe that Jesus just happens to have the same politics as Nancy Pelosi?"

HT: Justin Taylor.

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