Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Woman, what are you wearing?

Dan Phillips, a member of the PyroManiacs, wrote an excellent article called Sister... show mercy! In this post he tackles the oh, so sensitive issue of how women (even in the church) dress. In the comment section, someone said that even if a completely naked woman strolls down the aisle in church, it still would be no excuse to sin. I agree with that, however, I do not believe that the temptress is therefore exonerated. See Mt 18:6. The one who tempts is just as guilty as the one who sins!

Dan has followed up with another post, Young lady, I'm talking to you.

It is really worth reading these posts!

After you have read these posts and you are stark raving mad, thinking that nobody has the right to tell you what to wear, think again! Then you obviously haven't met God yet!

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