Thursday, May 24, 2007

What is that you're wearing?

Dan Phillips has written a couple of thought proving blog posts on the issue of dressing modestly.

In this post he points to a post by Jim Jordan simply called "On Dressing Modestly." This is an excellent post for dads who have daughters (and sons). Here is an excerpt:

While reading a post over at Pyromaniacs on this subject I was reminded that I had intended to write about something that happened when my daughter first dressed too immodestly. She had just shy of 10 years old and had decided she was going to wear her 5-year old Power Puff Girls shirt [is that still around?], which didn't cover anything below her rib cage. She combined that with a pair of low riding shorts. Prancing around the room, she asked, "Daddy, what do you think?"

I thought for a second, then answered,"It looks like you want all the boys at school to know that your dying to have sex with them." Her face turned beat red and her her mouth formed into a Mr. Bill-style "Oh, no!" expression.
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Of course, this goes against everything this "Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan/Pussycat Dolls" culture is trying to force onto our sons and daughters!

Well said Dan and Jim!

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