Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ark of the Covenant revealed?

Treasure hunters and archaeologists are always looking for a great new find. With the announcement by the leader of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church that he was going to reveal the Ark of the Covenant (AotC) to the world on Friday, 26 June, the whole world was in a buzz!

Then, Friday came and went, and the unveiling of the AotC never happened!

In my opinion, there is no AotC! Even if there was, how would we know that it is the real thing? We have no idea what the real thing looks like, so there would be no way to differentiate between a fake and the real thing. What will we compare against?

Anyway, it would be just another idol to worship! The AotC is redundant!

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Bible Prophecy on the Web said...

I believe that the “ark of the covenant” (Heb.9:4) and “the ark of his (God’s) testament” (Re.11:9) are one in the same, and contain the “tables of the covenant” (Heb.9:4), the Ten Commandments.

I believe that the ark of the covenant/the ark of his testament is now in the temple of God in heaven (Re.11:19).

At the Seventh TRUMPET (1 Thess.4:16-17), the temple of God is opened in heaven to reveal the ark of His testament (Re.11:19).

And, again, at the GIVING of the Seven Last PLAGUES (Re.15:1-8), “the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened” (Re.15:5), wherein is contained “the ark of his testament” (Re.11:19), “the ark of the covenant” (Heb.9:4).

Patricia (© 2002) Bible Prophecy on the Web

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