Monday, June 22, 2009

Do you need good Biblical training, for free?

If you are like me, you constantly want to expand your Biblical knowledge, but (and this is a big BUT), you would like to know that your knowledge of the Bible is growing in the right direction and that you are interpreting the Bible incorrectly. This is where solid Biblical training is very important. There simply are too many Christians, and I am sad to say pastors too, who have never studied the Scriptures in a structured format (or they very rarely do).

Biblical Training

This is where Biblical Training comes in. is a service to the Christian community which endeavours to bring Biblical training up to the seminary level, to the ordinary Christian, FOR FREE! has three levels of training available.

1. Foundations
Here the brand new Christian is helped to take his first steps in His journey with Christ. Subjects like the following are taught:
The Story of Jesus by Dr. Robert Mounce
Now that I Believe. Your First Steps with God by Dr. William Mounce

This level of training is for those interested in being educated laypersons or lay-leaders in the church. Some of the classes available are:
New Testament Survey by Dr. Craig Blomberg
Systematic Theology by Dr. Bruce Ware
Church History by Dr. Gordon Isaac
How to Study Your Bible by Dr. Mark Strauss
History of Philosophy and Christian Thought by Dr. Ronald Nash

3. Advanced Studies
Most of the LAMP classes have a seminary-level counterpart in the Advanced Studies level. Some of the courses available are:
Old Testament Theology by Dr. Paul House
New Testament Theology by Dr. Frank Thielman
Biblical Greek by Dr. William Mounce
Christian Apologetics by Dr. Ronald Nash
Advanced Worldview Analysis by Dr. Ronald Nash

What is so great about these classes is that they can either be listened to online or they can be downloaded in MP3 format. Many classes come with outlines, transcripts, etc. If extra reading is necessary, you will be informed which books are necessary (these you have to purchase yourself).

Some of the lecturers are of the best on the planet. Men such as: Dr. John Piper, Dr. Bruce Ware, Dr. Craig Blomberg, Dr. William Mounce, Dr. Ronald Nash, and many others.

You will not get better Biblical training than this, and on top of it all, it is FREE!

So, don't delay! Visit NOW!

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