Friday, March 12, 2010

Wazzat? - 2010-03-12

Martin Luther as a monkey, then God shaved him!

  • Pastor thinks he deserves more than his rich lifestyle as a reward for decades of clean and righteous living. Heaven just doesn't cut it for some folk now, does it?
  • Lost tribe of Israel in Zimbabwe? Just don't tell Mugabe. Who knows what he would do!
  • There are some real weirdos out there. Here are some in the SBC wanting to get rid of Calvinist pastors from their churches.
  • "Which baby should I feed?" The digital world gone wrong!
  • Holy Subversion. 'Nuff said!
  • Justin Peters calls a spade a spade, heresy a heresy!
  • Revolutionary bungling!
  • John Piper's preaching on the abortion and race connection.
  • The Jesus you can't ignore!
  • Audio concerning the Bible by Wayne Grudem.

Pastors, don't waste your pulpits!
    • How Christian is a "Christian" College that affirms a "Gay sexual identity" that values "same-sex eroticism?"
    • R. K. McGregor Wright rights R. Scott Clark's wrong!
    • Not ashamed of Jesus Christ, then participate in this project!
    • Yes, you are!
    • The devil will do anything to distract people from the real Jesus!
    • Even Arminians can't escape God's sovereignty!
    • I know I need to!

    Baseball Bat!

    • How baseball works!
    • Chinese steals South African Broadcasting Corporation signal in Africa. How will FIFA and Hollywood respond?
    • The clowns of Africa, the world?
    • St. Sean Penn shares his great political wisdom with us, once again!
    • England finally succumbs to obliterate the true meaning of marriage!
    • Cosmetics even apply in Islamic Iraq!
    Spontaneity is always so necessary in our church services!

    • Obama, the man who would be... a presidential drop-out. O shows that he would rather suck up to Islamists than call their evil for what its is!
    • And the Oscar goes to... Barack Hussein Obama!
    • Obama's proposed budget ensures that today's American children will be poor when they grow up. They will be paying for his spend-lust for the rest of their lives. Socialism at the height of its arrogance!
    • Christian schools down under not allowed to teach creationism!
    • Science and scientism?
    Brothers, we are not figure-skaters!

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