Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Making of an Atheist by Dr. Jim Spiegel book giveaway

Making of an AtheistIt is almost time for Just thinking... to post its review of Dr. Jim Spiegel's book, The Making of an Atheist. I will also have an interview with Dr. Spiegel. This will all happen from 1-3 April. I have already written the review in 3 parts and I am waiting on the answers to the interview questions that I posed to Dr. Spiegel.

As a bonus to you, the readers of this blog, Dr. Spiegel and his publishers have made 2 copies of this book available for a free giveaway. So, if you would like to win one of these books, please fill out the form below to be entered into the draw. The competition is valid until 30 March 2010, 18:00, South African time. That is 12:00 EST in the U.S. and 16:00 in London, midnight in Perth, and 05:00, 31 March in Auckland. That should make it understandable... I hope!

Only those names and emails entered via the form below will be considered!

UPDATE (30 March 2010):
The book giveaway has ended and the two winners have been chosen. They are:
Eric Loynes
Eleanor Poulter

I made use of Random.org to determine the two winners.

I have emailed them to inform them, and as soon as they have sent me their postal addresses, I will inform Dr. Jim Spiegel of their postal information.

Congratulations Eric and Eleanor!

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