Tuesday, July 12, 2005

ACLU and religion

In a recent case brought by the "infamous" ACLU (American [un]Civil [suppression] Liberties Union)--sorry for all the typos here--U.S. District Judge Blanche Manning Has ruled that the Pentagon may no longer sponsor a Boy Scout jamboree which is held every four years. This decision is just part of a long battle by the ACLU against not only the Boy Scouts, but any American institution with the tiniest inkling towards religion.
Isn't it amazing how such an organization as the ACLU with all that money and power behind it could be so scared of little boys and organizations that believe that God exists. They are not an organization concerned with truth, civility or liberty. Anything they perceive that looks like God simply has to be removed from the public square. Why? Do they really think that if they "remove" God from the public square that they would be less culpable for the lives they live and the terror they spread in the hearts of law abiding citizens through their sidekick-cronies, the liberal judges? If they believe that God does not exist, why are they so scared of Him?
The ACLU are like an ostrich that sticks his head in the ground and then thinks that nobody can see him and that nobody else exists. By checking God at the door of the public square they think that He no longer matters.
But..., think again!
Wishing God away doesn't make Him go away. An eternity after the ACLU and the people that run it have ceased to exist, God will still be there, running the universe He has created!
Just thinking...

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