Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Culture of Death Arriving in South Africa?

After the Terri Shiavo debacle in the USA, it seems that many have learnt nothing from what happened there.
It seems like the idea of euthanasia is going to start becoming an issue here in South Africa. In an article at the South African online news service called Don't let elderly suffer, the common arguments for euthanasia are being promoted in a very euphemistic way.
By mentioning the recent debate in the USA--which specifically refers to the debate around Terri Shiavo--it is clear that this article does not refer to natural passive euthanasia, which means withholding unnatural life support to allow a person's death. However, this article may be about simply making the last days of the dying more comfortable. Yet, the common arguments of euthanasia are used. An article like this will probably kick off the debate about euthanasia.
The usual arguments are used, i.e. not prolonging suffering, ageing population, increase in chronic diseases, higher medical expenditure.
Without repeating myself and boring the readers to death, rather read my blog message called Killing people using euphemisms.
This is a matter of great concern to all Christians across the world. It is worth voicing our opinions concerning the matter!
Just thinking...

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