Friday, July 01, 2005


I just finished reading a novel by the name of Progeny, authored by Martha D. Ogburn, a few days ago. It deals with three areas of great concern to Christians: abortion, cloning and embryonic stem cell research.
A student, Rachel, is studying at university in the area of journalism. While there she meets Matt, a medical student who studies under the infamous Dr. Robert Chan.
Matt and Rachel marries during college and Rachel becomes pregnant. Matt feels that his future is at stake and discusses it with Dr. Chan. Chan gets Matt to send Rachel to him since he also doubles up as an obstetrician. Soon after her visit to Chan she experiences a miscarriage.
Later, Chan, with contacts in China, moves on to start his own research facility to find cures for rare diseases and illnesses. Matt becomes a very respected psychiatrist while Rachel just doesn't seem to cope with life. She has recurring nightmares which Matt thinks should be treated with medicine. Rachel keeps going backward in her psychological life and Matt is just about to pull his hair out!
Then..., the coincidence of a life time happens. Matt and Rachel just climbed off a plane at the airport when Rachel walks past a girl of around 16 that looks exactly like her. This starts the ball rolling and Rachel starts a hunt to find out about the truth of this girl that looks just like her.
Althought this is a book that really reads fast (I am a sloooowww reader), and which I find to be an excellent novel, it makes one think about the issues surrounding abortion, cloning and embryonic stem cell research. This book probes the areas of fetal tissue research and reproductive medicine in a very clever way.
The book is fast paced in its story line and there was no time during the book that I felt that I was losing track of the story or that I felt that I was bored.
Progeny shows how evil the world of "baby traffic" has become. This book is a definite to read!
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