Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I finally have my own ESV Study Bible

From the first announcement that the ESV would be released in a study Bible (English Standard Version Study Bible - ESVSB) format, I was very excited!

It was my birthday on Sunday, Jan 11, and I received money from the family and work, and was able to go buy it this morning. Unfortunately, I had to pop out from work to pick it up, and so, being at work I have to wait till tonight to actually open it and start using it. It was quite providential that my wife had a "20% off" coupon for the store that I bought the Bible from. So, instead of paying R1,000 ($100) I only paid R800 ($80).

The format I bought is the one in the graphic on the left here. It is the Trutone® Classic Black.

It is a study Bible with 2,752 pages. It is extremely rich with features that are really useful. Further, the contributor's list is like a "who's who" in the evangelical world with many of them known as Reformed believers.

This study Bible has been in such high demand that the creators of the ESVSB, Crossway, is out of stock currently.

If you can afford the ESVSB, do yourself a favour and get one!

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