Friday, January 23, 2009

Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, et al.

I was getting rid of some stuff I had in my study for some time now. While throwing things in plastic bags I saw some audio tapes and checked them out. Lo and behold! It was a tape of Jerry Savelle. There were some others there too by Kenneth Copeland and others.

You are probably thinking, "Why would you have audio tapes by these guys?" For those who know me and have seen my theological growth will know why I might have had them. However, others may not know why I had them.

I had to think for a moment what I was doing with them... Then it dawned on me.

This is the reason! It was a series of posts I did on Copeland and others.


John Edwards said...

I wish that I had read all of this in 1994, it would have saved me a lot of hurt and money!
John Edwards

RescueMe said...

BIBLE by Me!

Why don’t you preach like this…”STUPID shall BELIEVE the TRUTH.” See how much richer would you be!!!!!


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