Friday, January 02, 2009

NCT Friday: NCT contrasted with Covenant Theology & Dispensational Theology

So, what are the differences between NCT and the two major theological systems, Covenant Theology and Dispensational Theology?

Well, you will find today that there are differences as well as similarities. Even though NCT is relatively new in terms of popularity as a theological system of interpreting the Scriptures, we do believe that it reflects more closely the proper way of interpreting the Scriptures.

But, let me not jump the gun!

As an introduction, here are some links to get you started on our topic for today:
An Examination Of The Presuppositions Of Covenant And Dispensational Theology - PDF
A Comparison of Three Systems
Christ's Children of Promise: A New Covenant Theological Rebuttal to Covenant Theology
A New Covenant Critique of Dispensationalism

First NCT Friday.
Next, NCT Friday: What of Sabbath observance?

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