Friday, February 27, 2009

Little snail girl

Here is a little girl that is absolutely heart broken because she cannot keep a little snail as her pet.

The video is in Afrikaans (one of the languages spoken in South Africa). I transcribed the conversation between mother and daughter with the best English equivalents. Sometimes I had to use slight changes in the English to get the correct mood in voice intonation, etc.

If this doesn’t tug on your heart strings, perhaps nothing will.

Mommy, I want a little snail

Mom: What do you have in that little bowl?

Girl: A little snail

Mom: Little snails must stay outside in the garden

Girl: I don't want him in the garden

Mom: My darling, he won't stay in there, he is going to crawl out of there

Girl: I don't want him to

Mom: Oh my darling, little snails aren't made to be pets

Mom: You can't keep snails as pets

Girl: Mommy, will you me something tomorrow? A little white mouse... to be my pet

Mom: Like what do you want... like a little fish?

Girl: No, I want a little mouse, a little mouse

Mom: A little mouse?

Girl: Yes!

Mom: But a little white mouse is actually a dirty thing and you will actually be scared to hold him

Girl: Oh!

Girl: I actually want a kitty

Mom: My darling, a kitty won't work because kitties don't stay in the house

Girl: Oh!

Girl: But then... I actually want a bunny

Mom; Oh my darling, I don't think we can buy any other animals

Girl: You will buy me a ... bunny?

Mom: Can't we buy a you little fish?

Girl: Ok! (international 'Yes' LOL) Ok, mommy.

Girl: I want a little baby snail

Mom: Ah, shame. I think you should go put him outside so that he could go sleepies

Girl: Ok mommy, can I put him outside just like this?

Mom: Yes you can and maybe he will still be there tomorrow

Girl: Yes, he can't get through here

Mom: Yes, but he could possible climb over the top

Girl: I don't want him to

Mom: Maybe he will still be there tomorrow my darling

Mom: Ah, it's ok

Mom: Do you want some nice Milo

Mom: Do you want Milo and a cookie (biscuit)

Girl: Yes...

Mom: Ok...

Girl: Can I choose a biscuit (cookie)?

Mom: Yes...


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