Monday, March 02, 2009

Reasons to study theology

I truly believe that each Christian holds to some sort of theology. To me that is a given. Once you claim that the Bible says one thing or another you are promoting your theology.

Now, if each of us already “has a” theology, then why do we not rather spend the time to procure a good theology instead of just having any theology. Of course, the biggest reasons for most why they do not spend time in actually getting a good theology is because it is not work for wimps. It is hard work and it takes a lot of time. But then the good things in life are not instant. Instant coffee is not the best coffee, for instance. Then, of course, if you have an instant theology, then your knowledge of the Bible and God will only be an inch deep. There may be a splattering of verses in your theology, but the meanings you give them are most probably completely wrong and taken out of context.

Simply put, the study of theology for each Christian is of utmost importance.

Nathan Bingham has highlighted 10 reasons why we need to study theology in Five Reasons You Need to Study Theology and ‘Another’ Five Reasons You Need to Study Theology.

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