Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New Solid Ground available from Stand to Reason!

Stand to Reason, led by Greg Koukl, is an amazing apologetics ministry, that publishes an apologetics newsletter called Solid Ground bi-monthly.

This month’s Solid Ground is now available!

Greg writes in his new email to Solid Ground readers:

“Do you think the way Christians should encourage non-Christians in their ‘relationship with God’ is to ‘help a Hindu become a better Hindu [and] a Muslim become a better Muslim’?  For Jewish people who do not accept Jesus as Messiah, is there ‘another mode of salvation that doesn’t include Jesus’?  Can even atheists get into Heaven if they simply  ‘place their lives at the service of truth and justice’?

“Amazingly, these quotes came from significant Christian leaders and thinkers who affirm that belief in Jesus is not necessary for salvation.  Worse, the very things the Bible seems to specifically condemn (Jewish rejection of Jesus as Messiah, false religion, and atheism) were themselves identified as legitimate paths to God.

“Here’s the clincher.  More than 50% of Evangelicals, according to a recent Pew poll, would give the nod to statements like these, too.”

That is the gist of what he discusses in the new Solid round.

BTW, you will find a host of extremely useful apologetics articles at Stand to Reason.

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