Monday, March 16, 2009

Zuma's visit to Rhema Church

What does Ray McCauley of Rhema Church, South Africa, do when the son of the devil (Jn 8:44) visits his church?

He gives him an opportunity to speak to his flock!

Do you think I am joking? Well, in a sense I am. Yet, it is a serious joke. It is one of life's dilemmas.

zumadevil McCauley invited Jacob Zuma to speak at his church, during a church service, from the pulpit.

Zuma, being the president of the ANC stands antithetically opposed to everything that Scripture proclaims.

Without making this a political post, such as I have at my other blog (BiblioPolit), it sometimes becomes necessary to touch on the issue when the church becomes involved.

In this case, this post is a simple commentary on the state of the church.

Now, we all know that under the leadership of the ANC, abortion on demand has been legalised, and so has pornography, same-sex marriage and more.

Further, Zuma has 4 wives, had sex with a young woman outside of marriage, and stands on almost 300 corruption charges before the courts.

What his spiritual condition is, I do not know, but I do know that the Bible said that we would know God's disciples by their fruits. Zuma's fruits are completely contrary to the Christian life!

The Bible is clear, "in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons" (1 Tim 4:1).

Does McCauley even realise that he has allowed the doctrine of demons to fill his pulpit? This is one of McCauley's biggest blunders, maybe as much or greater than when he divorced his wife Lindie and marrying his current wife within months of his divorce. Of course, this move (divorce) disqualified him from being an elder/pastor in the church and in the process he also committed adultery.

As a result, for McCauley to invite Zuma to his pulpit is a slap in the face of God's truly wonderful gospel! The pulpit (speaking metaphorically) is for the preaching of the gospel. To make it the point of proclamation for the evil one is indeed sacrilegious!

Moreover, McCauley called Zuma his brother. The lack of discernment with McCauley simply has no end!

Allowing Zuma to speak in his pulpit, McCauley has shaken his fist at God and mocked Him, telling Him that the gospel is not the only message that should be preach to the Christian church! And, we know that God will not be mocked!

While there are Christian parties like the ACDP and the CDA, McCauley felt it more convenient to invite the ungodly into his pulpit. Maybe this would keep the tithes and offering plates full!

The problem with this move by McCauley, is that it can be interpreted by his congregants, and many other "christians" across South Africa, that the ANC is a possible alternative of parties for Christians to vote for in the South African elections come April 22.

All that McCauley did was to confuse his congregants. Especially in an age where truth has been relativised. With the church's condition as it is, and its lack of knowledge of a solid Biblical worldview, this spells problems for the people of that church and others around the country.

My call to Ray McCauley in this Zuma case would be:

Repent Ray!
And make a public statement to that effect.


Anonymous said...

I thnk its crazy for u mr to judge the pastor who is the man of GOD.What zuma did then God wil deal as good knw our hearts and he knws excactly y jzee went there.i thnk u shouldhav kept ur feels to urself rather than putin curses to urlife.God wil deal with them.believe u me i also dnt lyk him bt the fact is he is our president i wil respect hs leadershp as sa choose...wel jst thnking also

William Dicks said...

Wow! It seems the curses have taken over your writing! With so much space left you still think this is an SMS. :-)

McCauley did what he did in public. For that he is open to scrutiny and criticism!

As far as McCauley is a man of God, that is debatable. When he divorced his wife, he disqualified himself from the pastorate. Further, he falls in with the Word-of-Faith guys, and here is my analysis of their hideous doctrines.

Anonymous said...

careful, its gonna be a long long fall down from that high horse of yours..

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