Sunday, March 08, 2009

New Website: Moses Wrote About Me!

I am pleased to announce that a new website has just seen the light!

Moses Wrote About Me, is the brainchild of Michael Adams, a New Covenant Theology theologian.

The home page says the following:

“The “New” in New Covenant Theology does not mean that NCT is a new or recent version of Covenant Theology, but is simply a reference to the New Covenant itself and the supremacy of Christ.  New Covenant Theology is the study and application of the New Covenant and is in the best of positions to explain how the Old Testament relates to the New. NCT is a theology of the New Covenant that elevates it to its proper place in redemptive history, without the interpretive limitations of other theological systems such as Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism.”

There is also a blog attached to this website. Moses Wrote About Me will also make other NCT resources available.

So, pay Mike a visit over at Moses Wrote About Me!

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