Friday, April 03, 2009

Apostle's Creed series

Mark Johnston, the Senior Minister of Grove Chapel in Camberwell, London, has just completed a series of articles on the Apostle's Creed:

  1. Who Needs A Creed?
  2. The God of the Creed
  3. That God Should Come As One of Us!
  4. He Descended into Hell
  5. Jesus Christ: Risen, Ascended, and Enthroned
  6. When Jesus Comes Again
  7. I Believe in the Holy Spirit
  8. Glorious Body, Radiant Bride
  9. Salvation in Shorthand
  10. Resurrection and Restoration

Creeds are important to the church. Creeds solidifies in our hearts and minds what we believe, and it protects us from false teachings and heresy.

Indeed, creeds are needed in the church today more than ever before!

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