Monday, April 20, 2009

Wazzat? - 2009-04-20

Wazzat? will become a journey of the weird, amazing and sometimes unexplained. It will contain humour, serious bits, and well, all kinds of bits.
  • Friends don't always do nice. Sometimes they can cause excruciating pain, like this guy!
  • God made us male and female, and when one male and one female got married they were to become one. But I don't think God meant it this way!
  • Apparently protesters are only allowed to be anti-Bush, pro-abortion demonstrators.
  • Sheep in wolves clothing get a new meaning. Being like the Jones' will just lead you astray!
  • Tax the stuff that causes the non-existent global warming! That way we can control the woooorrlldd! This new tax bill will allow anyone to sue the government if such complainant feels he is a global warming victim! Strange but true!
  • When theology worships Elvis!
  • Did you know God's will was lost? Many people are still trying to find it!
  • Since when is exposing bad treatment of the elderly bad? Apparently, in Britain, evil is good and good evil!
  • Sometimes the weird and odd looking can truly surprise us!

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