Saturday, April 04, 2009

Is your church spineless? No!?

During Hitler's time, Christians rose up everywhere in disagreement with Hitler.

Will your pastor address the issues of the day and take a decisive stand against growing evil in society?

Or is he spineless? Like these:

"A group of Christians -- including one activist who tried to shut down some newspaper stands in the neighborhood that sold porn to minors -- wanted to warn a large church in central San Diego of the dangers of pornography in their neighborhood. Upon approaching the anti-porn activists one Sunday morning, church officials started to become hostile when they asked the activists to leave the public sidewalks outside the church. They didn't like the presence of anyone distributing literature to their congregants. Yet all that the anti-porn activists wanted to do was warn members about what was happening near their church."

Read James Lambert's "The silent, spineless clergy."

1 comment:

Chris said...

Whilst I think the church should stand up for what they believe is right I do have some sympathy for the clergy in question. I've seen many stories in the press where clergy are misquoted and so many clergy take the line that they don't want to say anything to any newspaper. Of course the problem is that this then comes across as silence on important issues that the church should say something about.

I don't think Jesus would have held back but he would probably have thought through everything he said in advance. Perhaps that's the answer.

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