Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Born that way?

In the Sunday Times of March 6, 2005, Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane from the Anglican Church in South Africa gave a few insights into the latest meetings they had as a church community. Obviously, the homosexual issue was in the forefront of the discussions.
He writes that "[i]t was felt that both Americans and Canadians had seriously offended against the spirit of our common life." Is that all they offended? How about offending a holy God who clearly spelled out His position on sexual depravity, including homosexuality and lesbianism!? He also writes "[w]e must give the Americans and Canadians the space to take counsel at every level, right down to the parishes, and support them with our prayers." Why is it that they must take counsel at every level, but they are not instructed to take counsel from the Bible. It is because they have taken counsel at every level from fallen humans and not from God Himself as He defined His thoughts for us in the Bible that they are in this mess right now! When will people stand up for what is right before God and His Word and not for what is right in the eyes of depraved men and women?
The Archbishop continues: "The Anglican Church in Southern Africa will consecrate a homosexual or lesbian person as long as they are celibate, and there are many homosexual and celibate clergy in the church. The Anglican Church requires all unmarried clergy to be celibate and understands marriage as being between a man and a woman. We have on numerous occasions repeated our unreserved commitment to the pastoral support and care of homosexual people." As long as a gay is celibate? What does that mean? It would be the same to say that the church will consecrate celibate adulterers! It doesn't mean anything. How about consecrating murderers that haven't killed anyone yet? What nonsense!
He still continues: "There also needs to be more listening by the church generally to the experiences of gay and lesbian Christians, as the 1998 Lambeth Conference resolution required." Perhaps we should listen more to those murdering "Christians" too? How about listening to the pedophiliac "Christians?" Wouldn't that be nice? The church should listen to anyone, but ALWAYS respond with the truth and nothing BUT the truth so help us God!
The Archbishop also makes the statement: "I admit that I am dismayed whenever I hear language that seeks to make distinctions among people or discriminates on the basis of things over which we have no control — such as race, colour, gender or sexual orientation. These are aspects of the way we are born — and, as Christians, we believe each one of us is created reflecting the image of God. I personally experienced prejudice, exclusion and injustice for more than two-thirds of my life, simply because I was born black." The Bible is clear, God made us male and female. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! To cast homosexuals into the same group as blacks and so claim that that discrimination amounts to the same is an affront to blacks in this world. Blacks are born black, males are born male and females are born female. To discriminate on any of these issues is simply wrong. However, males are not born female or vice versa! There is not a shred of evidence that any homosexual was born that way. There is no homosexual DNA! There is black DNA. Male DNA or female DNA. But no homosexual DNA! Our dear Archbishop is cowering up to a tiny minority of depraved individuals to sound like he is tolerant. He is not tolerant! He simply is denying the Bible and the God of the Bible!
Denying consecration to homosexuals is discriminatory. So is denying consecration to a two year old. Are we making a fuss about that? If God demands holy lives from the pastors of the church, then so should we!
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