Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Life should be precious..

In a world that claims to be running on values, how is it that we find so little? Especially values connected to the value of life? The Green Peace crowd will go so far as blow up labs that experiment on rats, because these rats have the right to life and dignity. Yet, isn't it amazing that unborn human beings do not have that same right of life and dignity! Isn't it horrific to know that one day your life may be cut short by a judge who thinks he is 'god.' There is such a judge. Judge Greer in Florida, USA. He has sentenced Terri Schiavo to death by starvation starting at 1PM on 18 March 2005.
One would think that the days of starving unwanteds to death like in Roman days were over. But think again! The human condition hasn't changed. It is still as corrupt as ever. Mankind will continue to find ways to please itself. How do we get rid of those that burden our sorry souls? Simply get a liberal judge to sentence them to death! No crime is needed for such a death sentence. Simply be in the way of people in this narcissistic age. We have gone so far down the self-love and self-esteem highway of hell that we have forgotten that the golden rule is to love others as we love ourselves. Yet, we would rather murder someone like Terri Schiavo than care for her! It is always the easy way out, isn't it? What is it with modern man? From instant coffee to instant death! Modern man is no more civilised than old Rome was. We have gone full circle. From the Romans who would leave unwanted, helpless babies to legally starve to death under the sun, moon and stars; to legally starve to death unwanted spouses, parents or children.
I call this murder, because that is what it is! Simply because a judge orders Terri Schiavo's starvation to death doesn't make it right!
If the Bush family is so pro-life, how is it that they could allow rogue agents of the state such as these liberal judges to commit murder in the name of the state? It is high-time that presidents and governors put a stop to judges that make laws. These judges are there to explain the law to the people, not make them! Jeb Bush claims that he would do everything within the law to stop this starvation order. If this is the case, then he should have this "judge" arrested for attempted murder together with Terri Schiavo's ex-husband!
Come people: STAND UP FOR LIFE!
Just thinking...

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