Friday, March 18, 2005

Tutu reveals who he really is...

Former archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu this week revealed who he really was when he stood up in support of the "gay" lifestyle.
At the opening of the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Rosebank, Johannesburg, Tutu told gays and lesbians "[y]ou should love who you are." In his speech Tutu, according to, said that "sexuality was about creativity and self expression, and alternative sexualities should be celebrated."
How is it that Tutu never tells adulterers that they should "love who they are?" Hasn't some quack of a psychologist or scientist shown that adulterers are genetically disposed to adultery? For every sin listed in the Bible, some "scientist" has shown that that particular sin was genetically wired into some people. Do you sin? Don't worry! Its in your DNA. Are you gay? Shame, you can't help it. Its in your DNA! Even Tutu has fallen for that garbage!
Homosexuality or lesbianism are not alternative sexualities! There are no sexualities apart from being male and female! Tutu is right in that sexuality is about creativity. However, explain to me how homosexuality and lesbianism can be about creativity! Nothing can be created out of this type of sex! Sex can only be creative between a man and a woman. This sex was preserved by God for a man and a woman within the marriage covenant.
Since when does a man who claims to be a Christian tell sinners to love who they are? It seems to only happen to those who have denied the very God they claim to serve. Those who deny the very Word that God has given us for our own benefit will do this kind of stuff. We as Christians, especially those who preach from the pulpit, should rather preach the full gospel and make a call to holiness!
Maybe former archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu should not just stand up against unrighteous governments, but also against unrighteous sinners who have defiled their bodies with despicable acts! Sure, show them love, but also show them undeniable truth.
Just thinking...

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