Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Law and Terri Schiavo

Michael Schiavo, the former husband of death-sentenced Terri Schiavo seems to think that the US legal system is the be-all-and-end-all! How can a person be so dense as to find it "uncomprehensible (sic) to think that a private family matter that has gone through the judiciary system for the past seven years - I mean, we're talking all the way up to the United States Supreme Court - and for a governor to come into this without any education on the subject and push his personal views into this and have his Republican legislation pass laws so that this doesn't happen." How much eduaction does one need to know that starving someone to death is murder the same as someone being shot to death! I am sure even a first grader can understand this point! And, since when is the starvation of a former wife a private family matter? Effectively causing the death of another person is certainly not a private matter! Further, since when has the Supreme Court the power to decide life or death for anyone but a dangerous criminal? Simply because the Supreme Court agrees with Michael Schiavo does not mean they are right. Even if the majority of Americans decided Terri should die does not make it right! Morality and ethics are not decided upon through democratic elections. Way much less through unelected US Supreme Court judges who presume to play God!
Michael Schiavo claims that Jeb Bush is "basically jumping right over the state court's decision. We might as well not have any state courts." Funny he should say that. Since when do state courts and Supreme Courts make laws for the land? They are supposed to enact the law in the courts, not reinterpret and demolish the original meaning and intent of the constitution and laws. Many of the judges in the US these days run roughshod over the US constitution and its laws with their depraved little minds imagining themselves the original interpreters of American life and its values. When will the US government stand up against these runaway judges and tighten the reins around what they are allowed to do and what not? The three branches of the US government are supposed to keep a check on each other, but so far in the last 40 or so years, no one has kept a check on the judicial.
All of Michael Schiavo's protestations against anybody standing in the way of the murder (starvation) of his ex-wife make me think he has something to hide. Is he scared the real truth about her condition will come out if she regains her speech? We simply do not know. It makes one think, however!
It is time for Michael Schiavo to realize that there really is a higher law in the land. The law of God. Whether he acknowledges that law or not is besides the point. One day each of us must stand before our Maker. How will you fare Michael Schiavo?
Let Terri Schiavo live!
Just thinking...

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