Saturday, October 16, 2004

Changing directions through elections

Probably more than ever before the American people are standing at a crossroads that can either take them off the map as a world influencer and world power or reinforce their status as world leaders in almost every area of life.
Their elections in November are crucial for them as a nation, but I believe even more so it is crucial for the world. The American people have led the world in almost every area of life, from technology, entertainment, sport, political policies, world aid and morality. However, since the arrival of George W. Bush as American president and the war in Iraq, many people have been shouting for the removal of this man from the presidency.
It is perfectly fine for all these people to shout for his removal, but who should replace him? There are only two candidates for the presidency in the USA and they are George W. Bush and John Kerry.
If the Americans vote to bring Kerry in as president, what will they get?
First of all, America will become a nation weak in military strategy and resolve. Kerry will be cowed into capitulation by Islam. From where I sit, it seems that he is already scared of upsetting the Muslim world and is ready to withdraw the American troops from Iraq.
Secondly, the people aiming at having their first amendment speech rights strengthened will get him to fall before the giants of pornography and smut. With a man that is reckoned to the left of Ted Kennedy politically, he and his Democratic party will be strongly lobbied to open the flood gates into the lives of American families. "Free speech" is very high on their agenda as it is for the Democrats, unless of course you are a Christian!
Next, he will allow almost all kinds of marriages to exist. Already, the Democratic judges in America, led by their vile liberal worldviews have started rewriting law books in America. Some of these rogue judges have started proclaiming from the bench that same-sex marriage (yuk!) should be allowed under the American constitution. Instead of simply interpreting the constitution and other laws based on their original intent, they have felt worthy of telling the American people how they should live and what they should find acceptable. It pains me to think what the original drafters of the American constitution would say if they could be with us today. I am sure they would have written the constitution and laws very carefully with very well chosen words to ensure that America would not simply turn into a den of harlots and vile human beings bent on destroying the very fiber of the American public!
Fourthly, he will allow abortion to go on unabated. He has already voted against striking down partial-birth abortion (PBA). PBA is one of the most gruesome, violent crimes against humanity under the ruse of reproductive rights. Funny enough, no human rights council will stand up against this most hideous violation of human rights..., the blatant murder of human beings! Further in this line, Kerry supports embryonic stem-cell research. This is the artificial creation of ebryos for the express purpose to be killed and to be experimented upon. On this front Kerry would make sure that he has the courts on his side, since he would only appoint pro-abortion judges. The man claims that life begins at conception; however, he is willing to have such life destroyed anyway!
Lastly, Kerry will allow laws to be passed to shut Christians up. He will make moral claims by Christians about American society to be written into the laws of America as hate speech. Kerry, and his party--the Democratic Party--have been dominated by the thoughts and worldviews of the UCLA, an ultra liberal lobbying group, whose prime reason for existence is making sure that God is removed from American society.
On the other hand, if Bush is voted back as president, all these things that Kerry stands for will be fought and resisted from coming to fruition or remaining as part of the American people.
Bush is strong on fighting those who have no regard for the American people. Currently, America, with Bush at the helm, is the only country that can and is willing to ensure that tyrants like Saddam Hussein do not continue destroying the very people they are supposed to serve. So what if no stockpiles of WMDs were found. Hussein and his cronies still had to be removed from power. The fact that several mass graves with people shot in the head or murdered in other ways have been found, have escapeed the world news because people are not concerned about justice, simply that they were right. They were right that Hussein had no stockpiles of WMDs. Yet, they turn a blind eye to the fact that this man has been killing anybody that would not toe the line according to Saddam Hussein! This man and his military simply had to be removed! If America is removed from the landscape of this world as a force to be reckoned with, this world will be ruled by thugs. It will be the proverbial mouse coming out to play.
Bush also stands for traditional families and traditional marriage. He supported an amendment to the constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman only.
Bush has been consistenly pro-life. This can be seen in his stance on abortion and stem-cell research. He believes that time and energy should be spent in researching adult stem cells for medical solutions. He is also anti-abortion.
Finally, Bush is strong on finding faith-based solutions for societal ills. These are ministries like Teen Challenge and Prison Fellowship Ministries. This shows that he has a true respect for what has been accomplished by Christians and so will not let Christians be side-lined in American society!
If one looks at the two scenarios above, it really becomes important who the American people vote for as their president.
Since the US has been a leader in this world, and in many ways a trend setter, it is not just important for America who is the next president, but also for the world.
If Kerry becomes the next president, the fallout of his policies regarding homosexuality, abortion, war against terrorism, hate speech legislation, etc will become unbearable for this world. The world simply cannot maintain its downward moral spiral. With Kerry helping that spiral to speed up, I can only foresee great problems.
So, what should the American people do? Should Bush remain, or should Kerry be the next president?
Voting should be done on the real issues, not the skewed, hyped issues created by men like Dan Rather and CBS  and the media frenzy.
America, help the rest of us sleep easier come November 2004!
Just thinking...
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