Friday, August 13, 2010

Last post at this blog! But, not to despair...

As most of you have seen I have changed the name of the blog recently from "Just thinking..." to Theo-Enthumology. I just found that the name Theo-Enthumology was a more apt name for the blog.

However, the time has come to close this blog!

But, that does not mean that I am ceasing from my blogging activities! You see, the reason I am closing this blog is simply to stop posting at this old blog, which has my name in the URL. I have decided to move my blog to a new URL, that coincides with the name of the blog, Theo-Enthumology!

So, even though this blog is now closed, by exiting from this blog, simply scurry over to the new blog and follow the exit sign below and you will enter the new blog at the new address. Please notice that the feed at the new blog is also new, so please update your feed reader.

Exit here to go to the new Theo-Enthumology!

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader coming this Christmas!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Twitter updates - 09 Aug 2010

Monday, August 02, 2010

Twitter updates - 02 Aug 2010

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