Friday, February 24, 2006

Abortion is all about 'ME'

I have always believed that abortion is all about the selfishness of the expectant mother or the one who tries to force the mother into an abortion.

When you listen to pro-choice advocates (or rather pro-murder advocates) all you can hear is 'ME', 'ME', 'ME'! All they can think of is themselves and their quality of life. People like this would rather kill a defenseless baby than actually spending the time to care and love that baby!

One of the saddest stories I have recently read, is about the mother in Perth, Australia, who was expecting twins. Because she was so completely selfish and depraved, she opted for an abortion. However, when she returned to her doctor several weeks later, she was informed that one of the babies survived the attempted murder, ummm..., abortion.

Now, 4 years later, she is suing the hospital for the botched abortion for, hear this, suffering loss, injury and damage. "As a result of the failed termination the pursuer suffered loss, injury and damage. She suffered distress and anxiety upon the discovery of her continuing pregnancy. She required to undergo an elective C-section. She suffered pain and discomfort in consequence of surgery. She has the financial burden of care, upbringing and aliment of Jayde. She suffers an impediment in her ability to obtain employment in consequence of her care for the child."

This woman wants the hospital to take responsibility for her having a child she didn't want! Am I missing something here? Did she not know about the birds and the bees? Where did she think babies came from? The supermarket?

"I still don't know if, or what, I am going to tell Jayde when the time comes. Maybe when she is nine or 10 I will sit her down and explain it to her." This dysfunctional mother has her job cut out for her.

Maybe she should rather sue the government for giving her the right to an abortion. If it weren't for them, perhaps she wouldn't have had sex! Isn't that where babies come from?

The fact is that she opted to have her children murdered. She should go to jail for that!

Murder remains murder, whether in the womb or outside the womb!

Abortion is an injustice and we should stand against it!

Just thinking...

HT: Justin Taylor

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Jonathan Moorhead said...

Exactly! Abortion is the epitome of selfishness – to the point of murder. It is amazing how we justify such barbarity in such an “enlightened” age.

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