Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mbeki is very calculating

There are presidents and then there are presidents. Then there is Thabo Mbeki, the South African State President from the ruling ANC party.
It is amazing how a man that stands at the head of the ANC--a party that stands for abortion, pornography, same-sex marriage, the disarmament of its citizens and much more--can quote Scripture in his State of the Nation Address as if God has given him some insight as to God's willingness to bless this nation. The fact that Mbeki quotes Isaiah 55:12 to claim that God's blessing is on this nation shows how disengenuous he really is.
He knows that there are many people that claim to be Christian in this country, and as a result he uses Scripture purely to build his voter's base even while he and his party stand against the laws and principles of the Bible. This can be borne out by looking at how many laws that fly directly in the face of God the ANC rushed through parliament (abortion, pornography, etc).
The fact is that many in this country that claim to be Christian are too uneducated themselves to realize that not everyone who quotes Scripture or claim to be Christian are indeed Biblical Christians!
I am not so sure that he quoted from Scripture because he is searching it for answers to life, rather than to make sure that his party holds on to power in this country by duping Christians into thinking that the ANC can be trusted with the spiritual well-being of this country. Obviously, this is not the mandate of government, but if he can get Christians to think this, then he will use it. There are already those in the ANC that are saying that Mbeki has proven himself to be on the same spiritual footing as the ACDP President, Dr. Kenneth Meshoe. Meaning, that people have already been caught off-guard. Mbeki has done what he had set out to do; make Christians (or those who claim to be) confused as to whom to vote for in the coming local government elections on March 1, 2006.
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